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Notions: Non-Plastic Amenities for Hotels

Non-plastic, all natural hair and body care products using local ingredients – that’s exactly what we wanted to make when we started exploring ways that we can change entire industries that currently use single-use plastic.

Hotel Industry

We wanted to first reduce the amount of single-used plastic in the hotel industry. All of the Australian manufactures and packaging companies that we spoke to at the time said that it couldn’t be done. They told us that there was no way to make an all-natural line in Australia at a price point that hotels would be willing to pay.

So we challenged that view by building the supply chain locally: from sourcing the raw ingredients to packing the product. What could we do if we eliminated all of the middlemen?

We were pleased to see that Canberra hotels were interested. Unfortunately, our first pilot was scheduled for 1 April and now has been delayed because of Covid-19. Watch this space when the hotel hibernation period is over!

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