The Refoundry began purposely to help Mother Nature by making great products that reduce the amount of plastics that go to landfill or into waterways.

We believe our sustainability mission and responsibilities should be embedded in all we do. Therefore, we have also instilled the following policies:


Our products are purposely designed to reduce the use of virgin plastic. Where possible, these products are manufactured in Australia. Sometimes the manufacturing capability is not available locally or an additive must be added to strengthen a feedstock.

Recycled mixed plastic flakes and pellets feedstock
Recycled mixed plastic flakes and pellets feedstock

We will always be clear in our product descriptions so that our customers know where a product is made and what percentage of our products are from recycled plastics where applicable.


We have purposely chosen non-plastic product packaging wherever possible. We don’t have non-plastic pump option for our Harvestcare bottles right now. That’s why we offer to let customers “swap” for a refillable bottle instead. We also save the excess plastic from the pump straws and are experimenting with our Recycled line to see if we can turn them into something useful and/or fun.


We aim to minimise our carbon emissions for transportation where we can. That means manufacturing in Australia when possible and by choosing fulfilment centres near our manufacturers. In the future, we hope to make more and more of our products locally in Canberra.

Furthermore, where interstate travel is required by our employees, we use carbon offsets for any flights.


We considered the circular lifecycle of our products from the very beginning. As such, we will always have a solution in mind for the end of life for any of our products whether it be returning it to us for reuse or recycling, or something similar.


One of the most important things The Refoundry can do for the environment is to avoid buying things we don’t really need, buying used when practical, and by minimising our own corporate footprint. As the company grows and evolves, we will continue to look for ways to do this for every new product line and the business itself.

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