Introducing our Stray No More pet barrier

Introducing our Stray No More Pet Barrier

The most versatile, expandable, fully-retractable, temporary barrier for pets!

Pre-order your Stray No More pet barrier here.

Do you have a pet that:

  • Tries to escape when you leave the house?
  • Is a bit too excited when visitors come to visit?
  • Doesn’t want you to leave them?
  • Chews on everything and everywhere?

Our Stray No More Pet Barrier can help! Meet the stars of our video:

What Makes the Stray No More Pet Barrier Different?

Our patent-pending design was created by Tammy Ven Dange, the former CEO of an animal shelter in Canberra, Australia.  After seeing thousands of stray animals come through the shelter every year, she knew that there was a problem.  Yet there were few products on the market that were made specifically to help owners keep their pets from escaping their home or yard.

So, she created the Stray No More product line to do this.  Furthermore, she wanted to help the environment at the same time.  Therefore, all of the Stray No More products are made from nearly 100% Australian recycled plastics and manufactured in Australia.

The Stray No More pet barrier is unique in its versatility, expandability and retractability – making this barrier useful for any pet-owner or someone that may have pet visitors regardless of whether you own a home or are renting.

It’s important to measure the space where you want to put your barrier before placing your order. This is to reduce hassles for you later, as well as wasted transportation emissions.  

Depending on the layout of your house, simply measure the space from A to B with the door open.  Then, give yourself an extra 25 centimeters of panels minimum to ensure that the barrier can stand on its own and isn’t reliant on the walls to hold its form and weight.

If in doubt, it’s better to order an extra panel as it can always be used to provide more stability and length.

The following diagrams are a general guide for measuring your space and also provide an idea of standard sizes.

Stray No More is the first product line of The Refoundry.  Our company began purposely to help Mother Nature by making great products from recycled plastics – to create a demand for this material that may otherwise go to landfill or into waterways.

We believe our sustainability mission and responsibilities are beyond using recycled plastics in our products though. Therefore, we have also instilled the following policies:OUR PRODUCTS

Our products are manufactured in Australia and made from Australian recycled plastics. Where possible, the products contain 100% recycled plastics. Sometimes this percentage may vary due to variables we can’t control like the availability of the processed plastic feedstock.

However, it’s more likely that this could occur because some additives may be required to restore any deterioration of the quality of the product or to enhance certain characteristics like strength.

We will always be clear in our product descriptions so that our customers know what percentage of any product is from recycled plastics.


We have purposely chosen product packaging that uses recycled paper and cardboard. The only thing that is not currently available in a sustainable form is the strapping tape which unfortunately is plastic. We will continue to look for better options.


We aim to minimise our carbon emissions for transportation where ever possible by manufacturing in Australia and by choosing fulfillment centres near our manufacturers.

Furthermore, where interstate travel is required by our employees, we use carbon offsets for any flights.


We considered the circular life cycle of our products from the very beginning when we pick our Australian manufacturers.

Furthermore, if a customer no longer wants or needs one of our ‘Stray No More‘ products, they can send it back to us, and we will either:

1) Donate it to an animal shelter to be included as part of a adoption packaging for a ‘harder to rehome’ animal; or

2) Recycle the product back into the same product.

Due to the size and heavy weight of this product, we will only be shipping to Australian addresses at this time.  The additional cost for shipping is as follows:

  • 1.25M Hallway Barrier – $25
  • 2M L-Shape Doorway Barrier – $30
  • 3.5M Open Plan Barrier – $50
  • 25cm Extra Panel – Add $5 on top of original order


This product has been in the making for about six months and has been tested with various animals.  Nevertheless, it’s in the prototype stage, and as such we already have a list of things we want to improve or fix.  As such, the product you see here may change slightly to make it better.  The changes will unlikely be cosmetic however, and so the overall appearance shouldn’t change much.


As a pet owner, you’d appreciate the fact that every animal is different.  Even pets from the same litter have different personalities just like kids.  The pet barrier is meant to act as a deterrent to keep animals from escaping when  a door is opened or to prevent them from entering/exiting a space.

And while it has worked on all the animals we have tested this prototype on so far, it’s not to say that it will work with yours if it decides to jump over the barrier or pull it out of the wall.  We just can’t make that kind of guarantee. What we have found though is that:

  1. Most pets hesitate to jump over something when they cannot see the other side (i.e. our no-peak panels);
  2. The barrier will move if a pet tries to jump on it, and they usually back away when that happens;
  3. Because each panel weights about 1 kilo each, they haven’t been able to get under it very easily;
  4. The pet will tend to look at the human when they can’t find an exit or see what’s on the other side.
  5. If the human leaves quickly, they get bored with the barrier quickly too.


While our products will be made in Australia, the 6 tonnes of steel moulds will be made in China.  As such, our schedule will be impacted by their long Chinese New Year shut-down period in the January/February 2020 time frame.  With this in mind, we have forecasted a March 2020 delivery schedule for this product.

We purposely decided not to offer a lot of random prizes for those who back this campaign – mostly because so much of it could be junk that just ends up in the landfill.

Instead, regardless of whether or not you decide to pre-purchase our Stray No More pet barrier, we would really love it if you could share our campaign with your own contacts.  Who knows – maybe our product can solve a problem for their pet!  Furthermore, the more barriers that are bought, the less plastic that goes to the landfill here in Australia.

Thanks for being so PAWSOME and helping us keep pets safer while helping the environment!


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