Harvest Care: an all natural line in non-plastic packaging

Harvest Care

We’re getting very close to market testing a line of all-natural hair and body care products packaged in non-plastic bottles and jars, called Harvest Care. In fact, we would like to trial the reusability of the packages specifically with hotels in the Canberra region.

Please let us know if you or someone you know in the Canberra hotel business is interested in the market test.

Wanted: recycled polyester for product trial

Plastic bottles

Few people realise that plastic bottles from PET (#1) can be recycled into polyester. We are currently waiting for material samples for another product line made from recycled polyester. More details to come as we progress.

Do you have a “furry digger”?

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Furry digger
Furry digger

Do you have a “furry digger” in the house? We’d love to know more as part of our Stray No More market research for our “no dig” product development.

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